What’s it like to work with Anne?



Stanford University

“As a first-generation low-income student, working with Anne helped me gain direction and build knowledge on a daunting process that I was extremely scared to go into. She helped me organize my thoughts and experiences and made me realize things about myself that I never noticed were special enough to write about. I value her not only as my former mentor, but as a person to talk to, share my thoughts and aspirations with, and receive motivation and hope from. Applying to college is a difficult road, but having a helping hand makes it 10x easier. I only dreamed of being a Stanford student throughout high school, but now as I’m going into my sophomore year at Stanford, I’m thankful for Anne for being invested in my future and success as a student.” 


University of Washington (direct admit computer science)

“One year ago, I had NO idea about college admissions. However, I was able to work with Anne Kean, who was invaluable throughout my entire college admissions process. She had immense patience with me as she helped me through 15+ different personal statements and supplement drafts. Her knowledge and feedback was extremely useful, which helped me understand how to express who I am and what I’m all about to admissions officers. Thanks to Anne Kean, I was able to be offered admission to almost ALL of the schools I applied to, which includes USC, Vanderbilt, UW Seattle, etc! Had it not been for her guidance and support, I would not be where I am today.”


University of California, San Diego

“Above all else, I loved a plan, a solution to achieve my goals; Anne got me covered. She always provided me with the most honest analytical feedback and identified who I am personally. From my experience working with Anne, she digs deep into what I want to say or how I want to present it. The writing and structural mechanics I have learned from her are immense, and I have gained so much knowledge on college admission and career development. If I have some difficult, unanswerable questions, Anne asked around and got the answer I needed. The past seven months with her have been a blessing, from customized accommodating experiences to give me exactly what I need. Anne is not only a mentor to me but a friend, someone I can always rely on. When you combine friendly, analytical, communicative, knowledgeable, and so much more, you get Anne.”


Colorado School of mines

“Anne Kean was a pretty good counselor, mostly because she didn’t really let up in counseling. There would always be times where I wouldn’t want to do the work she gave me during summer vacation because I wanted to enjoy my free time, but she would constantly tell me to do it, even going so far as to text my parents that I hadn’t finished assignments. She was always prepared and even helped me submit a last minute application, and I honestly wouldn’t have done so well with applications without her. I’m truly grateful that she helped me with my college applications.”